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Warning: The preparations for major construction work on the site of the airfield is underway as of December 2022. Please be careful when using the public footpaths in the area, and please note that there will be changes to the footpath system which we will explain on this page in due course. Check signage for up to date information.

Fancy a Walk? Try our Eye Airfield Trails

There's 3 main trails, of varying length. Click on the corresponding symbol to view the trail in detail.

The shortest of our walks, but still a lot to see. On this 1 mile walk taking around 1 hour you'll notice lots of wild flowers growing on the now unused airfield paths before ending up at the 490th memorial where you can sit, relax and reflect.

An easy walk of around 3 miles and taking approximately 1 and a half hours, you will walk across part of the original perimeter track before finishing off at the 490th Bomb Group's very own memorial site.

Our longest walk, 5 miles long and taking around 2 and a half hours, will take you around the perimeter of our airfield. There's a lot to see and learn on the way and you will see the sheer scale of the site where airmen would be stationed in the later years of the war.

Scan the QR codes found on the airfield for up to date maps and interesting facts

490th Bomb Group Logo

All walk links will open in Google Maps. It makes it much smoother if you have the Google Maps app on your device, which can be found free in your appstore.

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