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What's new on the website?

Feb 2023

Version Number: "V1.23"

Details and Changes:

  • Fixed bugs

  • Fixed dates and time restricted elements

  • EAH development restarted

  • Unified EWA

  • Advertising drive relaunched

  • About page updated


Dec 2022

Version Number: "V1.22"

Details and Changes:

  • Added construction work warnings on trails page

  • Added external archive test link to archive page

  • Contact us page has been refreshed slightly

  • Mobile homepage tweaked

  • Made new contact us pre-menu to help segregate contact channels in the future

Q1+2 2022

Version Name: "Summer refresh"

Version Number: "V1.2"

Details and Changes: 

  • New videos page added to menu, old one retired

  • Started populating pages: CO's

Q4 2019

Version Name: "Release Candidate 1"

Version Number: "B8" soon to be V1

Details and Changes: 

  • Walks and trails page is complete

  • 'About Us' page has been cleaned up

  • Trails has been added to top menu for ease

  • Changed design on 'whats new' and 'classic site' buttons

  • Social links at the footer are now active

  • Updated footer copyright dates

  • memorials page finished, donate page finished

  • new photos added

  • Made site ready for release



(Autumn 2019)

B17 and B24 pages nearing finalisation.

added picture behind 'under construction' screen.

site has been meticulously optimised for mobile but will need re-optimising next release.

changes to eye witness account page permissions.


(July 2019)

Numerous updates.

Photoshopped design on 490th app page.

changes to origins, history, trails, movies pages.

contact form design fixed.

added entry to buisness hub from the about us page.

new png logo on 'under construction' splash screen.

Changed wording and design of archive share.


(June/july 2019)-

Bigger Gallery.

Airfields page completed, linked to each bg's webpage.

Engineers, construction and B-17 page updated

Quotes placed around site for ambience.

Airfields and history updated, trails page created.

Homepage 'photo favourites' linked in to gallery.

main URL linking readiness.

Font made consistent across site.


(Beginning of May 2019)

-New start screen to warn visitors of site being under construction


(17 Apr 2019)-

-Homepage - added mini gallery to empty strip. Resized things a little.

-memorials page has been changed, colours and number of boxes have also been changed.

-News&Events page changed to Movies&Interviews. made ready for new content.

-Archive->Machines has been added and made ready for new content. Navigation strip added.

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