The construction of Eye Airfield was a laborious task that took a lot of man power, tonnes of concrete, bricks and wood, and a very devoted air force who were ready to call the east of England their home.

Take a look below at a hand drawn map outlining the location of each part of the airfield and its intended use as well as some facts about our airfield that you may find interesting.


  • Eye Airfield was a class A heavy bomber airfield.

  • Thousands of different men passed through our airfield during the conflict.

  • The site was apparently not connected to the railway system that ran close to the south perimeter.

  • Although we refer to the base as Eye Airfield, the base was actually in the neighboring village Brome.

  • Bizarrely the base had aircraft hard standings across the A140 main road. Cars had to be stopped when aircraft passed.

Eye Airfield Map

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